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Patricia Delinois Reveals How Agents are Attracting More Potential Buyers and The Top Amenities Demanded by Clients

By Seth Semilof |

In what new ways are agents attracting more potential buyers?
More and more buyers are searching the Internet and social media is attracting their attention in a big way.  Buyers who may not necessarily be even thinking about buying at the moment may suddenly get their interest peaked when they come across the right photo or video. The way real estate is being sold is now changing rapidly. You have to be creative and think out of the box to stay ahead of the game. I have over 300,000 contacts through social media. I am constantly updating and posting on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Proxio, and more. Clients love the mini movies I have made on properties I am marketing. According to the feedback I have gotten, I make home searching so much more fun, and my clients can’t wait to share my property videos with their friends!

What are the latest top amenities clients are now looking and asking for?
The latest craze is interactive LED lighting everywhere. It has become so popular and some clients are even using it as a new form of artwork for their residences.  Homeowners also love the fact that they can change the look and feel of their condo by switching the look of customized interactive LED lighting. Clients also love the new SMART homes with the latest programs to adjust and customize your homes temperature, media, music, lighting, security and vibe.