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Ashley was incredibly helpful and patient with all of my real estate questions and concerns. She understands the real estate market, does her homework and the most important quality of all – she followed up. She has so much passion and is caring in every way. I tell everyone about Ashley and wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to her again.…
– Dave Bloom, Showed me homes or lots-

It was a real pleasure to work with Estee as out realtor. I highly recommend her as a professional.
– Yoherle Hernandez, Helped me buy my home-

“I was referred to Jay by one of the top real estate educators in the country whom I’ve worked with many times in the past. She told me “Jay is the real deal. You need to get him to teach his course on credit through” That’s all I needed to hear. Soon after that Jay Robins did a webinar for our subscribers that was extremely informative. So informative that I learned a lot myself and even shared some of it with my son. I encourage anyone who is thinking about working with Jay to do yourself and your family a favor and move forward with him.”
 – Linda Yates Director of Education

“Jay, Once again, I want to thank you for contributing to the success of our education programs for the Realtor Association of Miami-Dade County. All your seminars have been well attended and we look forward to having you back again with same, popular topics and new ones too. Jay, it has been a wonderful year for meeting and working with knowledgeable individuals. Keep up the energy”
 – Ro Ozdemirci Vice President of Education Miami Association of Realtors

“Thank you very much for bringing your mortgage and real estate workshop to the employees of the City of Delray Beach. The response has been more then positive. Many attendees expressed their thanks that we were able to host the seminar and they all stated that they learned a great deal about all the topics you covered. As predicted several staff members asked if we could schedule a repeat so I will be contacting you soon about coming back to Delray Beach. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you again for bringing such a timely seminar to our staff”
– Dot Bast Training and Development Manager City of Delray Beach

“As the manager of a large office, I am constantly approached by speakers who desire an opportunity to attend one of my meetings and introduce their respective topics to the associates. I rarely grant access to the group as most of the speakers are promoting the same information. As a number of my associates attended a seminar with Jay Robins and were very impressed with his message, I requested that he speak at one of my meetings. The response from the associates was extremely positive and they felt that they could use the information immediately…some of them for their own financial situations. Jay’s ability to communicate this valuable information in a professional yet entertaining manner made it easy to understand. He also offered support for any further inquiries. In today’s environment, the information relayed was timely and useful. I would highly recommend Jay Robins for any seminars that you are considering.”
 – Sherry Clodgo District Sales Manager The Keyes Company

“Jay Robins is a most trustworthy individual. Having been a business associate with Mr. Robins on several occasions, it has been my pleasure to be his client and confidant. His knowledge and his dedication are very much appreciated and when you work with him, you will have the honor of experiencing it as well.“A true professional in every aspect of the word. Jay Robins has the talent and knowledge needed in his field of expertise to ALWAYS get the job done right, the first time! If this recommendation on Mr. Robins is on a grading scale, then I would give him a 10+”
– Gary Goldberg, BROKER-ASSOCIATE, The Infiniti Group At Keller Williams Realty

“I have been recommending Jay to friends and family members for mortgage and finance needs for quite some time. The feedback is always positive. He has personally advised me regarding my financial situation as well.”
– Jason Schweriner Sales Analyst at Southern Wine & Spirits

“I have known and worked with Jay for several years. He has been an invaluable asset to me in many different capacities. He is a true professional and look forward to working with him again very soon.”
–  Curtis Olschansky, President / Broker, The Olschansky Group, LLC

“Jay is a team player. His main focus is helping and educating people. He will go out of his way to assist a client or friend who is in need of assistance, whether he directly benefits or not. Truly one of a kind!”
–  Anita Graw Gillinson

“I have worked with Jay on several real estate transactions over the past few years and he has always been very responsive to all inquiries and excellent at moving things through smoothly from start to finish. He has non stop “energy” that he brings to whatever project he takes on and is great at coordinating and mobilizing a solid team to take on any task.”
– Michael Freeling, Partner, Bloom& Freeling

“Jay Robins is THE expert to go to for questions about real estate, credit, foreclosure and bankruptcy. You can trust him to steer you in the right direction when faced with these difficult issues.”
– Elinor Robin Divorce Mediator at A Friendly Divorce

“Jay has unbelievable energy and that coupled with his knowledge of the work that he does makes him an outstanding professional. Jay really knows how to wrap his emotions into his work having gone through tough times himself with the will and endurance to make it through. He utilizes real life experiences to the fullest and he truly has a tremendous heart. There is no doubt that I am grateful to have Jay in my corner.”
– Brian Hartman, Real Estate Consultant and Investor, Harttwohart, LLC

“Jay: I was very impressed with the personalized attention that you provided for me throughout the ENTIRE mortgage process. Each and every time that I had a question you were readily available (either at that time or within a short period of time) to assist me and to answer all of my questions. I will definitely use your services again…Thanks!”
– Tina Connan Boca Raton, FL. Licensed Therapist

“Hi Jay, I was of course very pleased with your performance. You helped ease the process. I thought your knowledge of the products available and you ‘go to all lengths’ attitude was refreshing and just what we needed. I will happily go back to you because I felt we developed a strong rapport which is so important in any business.” Kind Regards,
– Sheryl Young Owner of The Addison on Amelia Island Fernandina Beach, Florida

“Jay has been instrumental, not only in processing my investment mortgages, when my real estate agent started to get dishonest and then forgot I existed after I contracted to buy. Jay stepped up the plate through a lot of smoke and mirrors, do to an inept real estate company, and Jay coordinated the closing process with the realtor, banks and title company.

Jay has financed 4 properties many of which were stalled again and aging to the point of some needing up to 3 appraisals so they had current value. Jay worked day in day out with me since we met in April 04 when I contracted 2 condo conversion units he turned me onto. Those were nightmares for all of us as far as closing. Again do to a very inept real estate firm. So inept they actually told us the reason most of the addresses for 487 units in the conversion project were the fault of the title company. Then they told us it was the fault of my appraiser. HA HA. Crazy but true. Ask Jay Robins. They had the same 100 Green Meadows Circle address on hundreds the conversions documents. Yep! They sold us all the sales office! (LOL). I know most mortgage brokers would of thrown their hands up in disgust and run as fast as they could from these deals Jay worked his tail off to get closed.

He really went out of the norm to service my needs. I am impressed with his dogged persistence and ability to constantly put out fires he did not cause.

Jay deserves your business. He works his tail off day and night and at times on weekends. He does whatever it takes and takes great personal interest in each person he works with. Everyone I know who uses Jay is very happy.”
– Stuart Levy CEO of Raider Research Hollywood FL.

“I’ve known Jay for over 10 years now. He is a straight forward and honest person. Jay led me in making a smart business decision when it came to deciding on the mortgage that was right for me. Give him an opportunity he will prove to you that he is the one for you and your family.”
– Brian Feuer Pembroke Pines FL.

Jay: We want to thank you for your time, expertise, and dedication to making other’s happy. You are always willing to take time out to work with your clients. We enjoyed doing business with you, you made it easy and fun. We learned a great deal from you and we definitely look forward to working with you again soon. You are prompt when answering questions and you never hesitate to find out an answer to something you are unsure of. We thank you again for everything. Thanks.”
 – Jodi and Benny Pembroke Pines, FL. School Teacher and Irrigation Specialist

Jay Robins is definitely the man you can count on to get things done smoothly and efficiently. His professionalism and attention to detail is refreshing in this industry. He followed the process all the way through and consistently gave me updates to ensure I was in the loop at all times. As a home owner and investor I can honestly say Jay is the person you can trust. Thanks Jay.”
– Mauricio Bayon Hollywood, FL. Computer Network Specialist

“It is rare in this business to come across someone who is honest enough to give up a transaction if he feels you can receive a better sitiation elsewhere! Jay Robins not only will give you an honest opinion on your best options, but he gives 100% effort to ensure that you receive the best price available in as short of time as possible.
– Jay Natkow Tampa FL Vice President of Sales for Awad Asset Management

“I can’t say enough good things about Jay. He is a real can do, lets get this done even if I have to walk over glass for you, kind of guy. We enjoyed working with him and would recommend him for your mortgage needs. His number is still in my phone.”
– Dr. Mark and Mrs. Martha Lafferty Bonaire, Georgia

“We recently closed on our home, and we feel we must let others know of the superb job Mona Regoli, our Realtor, did in getting us over the finish line. Our search lasted one full year, and through out that time Mona time and time again displayed a level of professionalism and caring that we believe to be rare in today’s market.

Mona patiently showed us home after home. She would provide sound advice when needed and in more than one occasion her advise allowed us to not get involved with a house that could potentially become a problem. Whenever we decided to bid on a house Mona would provide a sound estimate of the house value and never pressured us to bid one way or the other.

We finally purchased our home in a short sale process. This process lasted six months and at times really tested us. Mona listened to our complaints, silently allowed us to vent, and would recommend patience. Now we are really glad we listened to her.

Over this long year Mona has become more than a realtor to us. We are happy to count her as a family friend and we recommend her to anyone who is searching for that special place we call home. ”
– The Rivero Family

“Hi there! Mona, I just landed in New York. Let me say from the outset how absolutely impressed I was by the very dedicated and professional manner about the assignment yesterday. It was long and hard but inspiring because of your commitment to getting the job done – the correct way. Irrespective of the outcome of this particular transaction, I am very much sold on the fact that you are the one I want to source me a property in Florida. Thanks again for you diligence and I look forward to hearing from you in the days ahead.  ”
– H. Henry from the Cayman Islands

“With no doubt we would recommend Mona to anyone looking for a great real estate agent in with such professionalism and experience, she always took the extra step. Mona guided my husband and I through the entire process of our home purchase. We will forever be grateful to her and hope she is around when we are ready to purchase a bigger home. You may contact us; ”
– Lidia Resendiz (305)224-3790 Rigoberto Hernandez (305)746-8978.

“Thank you for making buying our home such a great experience. We would recommend you to anyone buying or selling a home. Best wishes to you and your real estate career. ”
– David & Diania Murphy (352)339-6622

“We are so grateful Mona was able to find us a home to purchase in Miami. We know it was a long process, but it was worth the wait. Mona was extremely helpful. We would recommend her with our eyes closed to anyone who is looking to purchase a home”
– Noel Barba (305)962-7840 feel free to call.