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Improving Miami Transit, Smaller Apartments Needed For Downtown Lure – Neighborhood

A host of Downtown Miami’s most prominent real estate pros are calling on the region to improve transit options to fight a traffic “crisis.”

The need for more transit options has much to do with the generational shift of preferences that Millennials—who have been moving into the downtown area—are seeking, says Miami DDA’s Alyce Robertson. “A lot of these Millennials don’t have the patience for sitting in the car for two hours a day going to South Timbuktu,” Alyce says. And Miami is a young city—120 years old by her count—and grew in the age of the car. Hence why Miami-Dade is so spread out. “Urban sprawl does not make for a conducive environment for public transportation,” she says. “That’s why you see it’s such a crisis now.”

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