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12 Tips to Make Moving Easier

Want to reduce the headache of moving into a new home? Follow these tips:




1 Plan your move well in advance. This will help you avoid a last-minute frenzy. For a timeline and checklist, visit files/pdf/MovingChecklist.pdf 

2 Protect critical photos and files. Store copies on a portable hard drive you carry with you, or upload them to a free cloud server such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

3 Photograph your cords. Shoot images of the connections on your television, sound system, modem and computer so they’re easier to reconnect in your new home.

4 Make plans for pets. Reduce your pets’ moving stress by boarding them at a kennel or with friends.

5 Get a Movers Guide from the Post Office. This will help you notify service providers of your new address. It also includes $750 in coupons for businesses and services you might need. Your post office has printed copies or you can fill out a digital version at 


6 Color-code your packing boxes. This will make it easy to match them to the right rooms in your new home.

Mark essential boxes separately. Anything you’ll need immediately after move-in should be marked in red. And make sure the important boxes get loaded last so they come off the truck first.

Create a first-night box of essentials. Include medications, toothbrushes, changes of clothing and anything else you’ll need immediately.


Don’t box valuables or important documents. Put jewelry, passports, birth certificates etc. in a special Move File and hand-carry them in your own car.

10 Pack a first-day cleaning kit. Include a vacuum and cleaning supplies so you can freshen cabinets, closets and counters before you move your possessions in.

11 Make a furniture map. Plot where all the large furniture pieces will go to simplify set-up. You can use graph paper or a free layout tool like


12 Save all receipts. If your move is associated with a new job or a transfer, you may be able to deduct some of the costs.