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City of Coral Gables booming and transforming

Change is coming to Coral Gables, which has long been defined by a strict zoning code that has maintained founding father George Merrick’s vision of the City Beautiful.

From the type of vehicles homeowners can park in their driveways to the type of terracotta roof tiles developers can use, Coral Gables meticulously governs the city’s aesthetics so that nearly every building is done in grand Mediterranean Revival architectural style, every residential block is lushly landscaped and swales are kept free and clear of clutter.

The city’s refined sense of control has made Coral Gables one of the most affluent communities in Florida that is home to some of the region’s wealthiest corporate citizens and foreign investors. Coral Gables has also attracted its fair share of global companies that have based Latin American operations in the City Beautiful such as American Airlines, Kraft Foods, Bacardi U.S.A. and HBO Latin America, to name a few.

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