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Population of downtown Miami grows by a third in six years

Young professionals are increasingly making their homes in the central business district, says a new report by Miami’s Downtown Development Authority: the population has increased 33% since 2010 “and the majority of the population within downtown Miami are highly educated, young working professionals.” Fully 45% are aged 25-44, and more than 50% hold a college degree, the report says.

For study purposes, the authority defined downtown as a 3.8-square-mile area between Biscayne Bay and I-95 on the east and west, and between the Rickenbacker and Julia Tuttle causeways on the south and north. It includes the central business district, Brickell, the Arts & Entertainment district, Overtown, Wynwood, Midtown and Edgewater.

“Population continues to increase in greater downtown,” the report said. “We estimate the current population at 88,540 and project it will surpass 100,000 in 2021. Greater downtown has added nearly 22,000 people since 2010. The urban core neighborhoods… continue to see remarkable growth and now make up 75% of the greater downtown population. Brickell added the most new residents, increasing from 26,472 to 34,975.”

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