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NEIGHBORHOOD TOUR: Wynwood ready for development boom as it grows up

Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood’s current incarnation as an arts district and retail and nightlife cultural hub took off in the mid-2000s when Goldman Properties and its founder Tony Goldman began buying up chunks of the neighborhood in 2006. Now, a decade later, the neighborhood is entering its next stage as a work/live destination.

In addition to Goldman Properties, which still has significant interests in the neighborhood, developers and investors from far and wide are working to build up Wynwood. First came the multitude of murals, art galleries, restaurants and bars and the next step in Wynwood’s evolution looks to be residential towers and high-end mixed-use office and retail centers. Today, Miami’s Wynwood is centered around N.W. 2nd Avenue between 20th and 29th streets, extending to N. Miami Avenue to the east and I-95 on the west. But as projects are added, those boundaries could be pushed outwards.

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