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Little Haiti Will Gentrify Faster Than Any Other South Florida Neighborhood in 2017

A little more than a year ago, activist Marleine Bastien stood outside on a clear December day, waving signs in front of the headquarters of Fanm Ayisyen nan Miyami, her Little Haiti-based women’s rights organization. The group was demanding one thing from the City of Miami: Slow the rapidly snowballing pace of gentrification in the historically working-class Caribbean neighborhood.

Thirteen months later, that request appears to have fallen on deaf ears. A host of massive luxury apartment and entertainment complexes is in the works, and now, a study released today says property values in Little Haiti will rise faster than those in any other South Florida neighborhood in 2017.

Today the real-estate tracking website Zillow released its study “Hottest Housing Markets for 2017” — and as part of the data, Zillow broke down the five housing markets in the Miami-Dade/Fort-Lauderdale metro area expected to gain the most value in 2017.

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