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Hugo Boccara

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Cell Phone: 786-431-9961


Hugo Boccara personal statement:

Intro: How hard do you want your life to be? I like a hard challenge, it always pushes me to the next day. For 6 months, I put myself a difficult challenge to overcome, I decided to continue my biology bachelor and to start getting a real estate license. Those two careers have no common path or knowledge whatsoever, but it was very difficult to focus on two different subjects. In the morning, it would be chemistry, biology or physic classes but at night it was law, real estate and regulation class. I won’t deny, everybody wishes that their life could be easier, but how would a gambler would enjoy gambling if knowing that they would win all the time, where would be the fun of gambling then?

Body: There were times that I would use cheat codes in a video game in order to win, I would enjoy for a moment, but then it would get to a point of boredom. There is my point, if a game is difficult but you achieve it by playing by the rules, the feeling of achieving would be much satisfying than if I would use the easy way to win it. We always remember those who make it through the hard time and succeed in life but never those who made to success without a struggle.

Conclusion: the challenge is the part that bring the good quality of human who enjoy a contest, the qualities concern perseverance, shameless and seizing the opportunity without hesitating. Challenge is like hot sauces, some people like to spices food because it gave a stronger taste and others won’t even try hot spices because they just are happy with their routine, unlike them; I like the difference taste with spices that bring up the pleasure of having a burning sensation because it change the regular taste of food that I usually know the taste. Doing your life, the easy way, will may be less stressful but making through your life the hard way, will bring you more happiness and confident, thus the question again; How hard do you want your life to be?